Working, writing a dissertation, finding a new flat, and trying to LIVE!
Taking a quick hiatus for about two weeks until this is all sorted.
Be back soon!

SeatPlan: Saving Theatre-Goers, One Review At A Time


"The traditional theatre audience member is well informed with a highly-critical standard of expectation. Attending theatre is part of their general culture, nothing unusual or especially exciting."

While theatre is still especially exciting, I think I fit that quote pretty well.
It's not too unusual to catch me in a theatre 2-3 times a week. It's actually pretty standard.
In other words - I see a lot of theatre.

There are a lot of people who aren't particular about their tickets or seating arrangements - 
they are usually just happy enough to be seeing a show.
And while I completely agree with that, with how many shows I have seen,
I do get a bit fussy sometimes about making sure that I'm in a good spot to watch.
Especially if it's a show that I'm REALLY excited about.

Sure, you can ask the box office about seating and what they recommend, but they won't always have the same preference as you.
For example, I usually like to sit close, whereas some people assume the 'best' seats are a few rows back or wherever you can be in the center of the row.

Because of this, I prefer to do my own research and judgment on where I'd like to be in a theatre.
I've used things such as searching through random forums, Twitter, and TheatreMonkey to find others reviews of their experiences.
These have been great options, but they lack description with a word count, or don't provide a visual.

SeatPlan was created not only to diminish these issues, but to provide the best tool to find your perfect spot in the theatre.
And beyond that - you can review the seats that you have sat in to either recommend a great view, or steer people away from an unsatisfying spot.

The best part?
The more reviews you give on your theatre experiences, the more benefits you can get.
Once you reach a certain number of points through your reviews, you can get a voucher to use towards a future theatre ticket.
And if you keep reviewing and getting more vouchers, you can combine them together - 
ULTIMATELY getting yourself a free ticket. Yes! FREE! That word we all love to hear.
(I used my vouchers to see Matilda for the first time - you can see my overly-obsessive review HERE)

On top of this, they've got some great competitions that you can be entered in just by posting reviews.
Recently, they've given away tickets to The Elephant Man, The Commitments, as well as their current competition to see Impossible.

So, not only can you get great perspectives from other theatre-goers,
and not only be able to give your own experiences throughout the West End,
but can also grab some great theatre benefits throughout!
I would say that it's too good to be true, but as someone who's already reaped the benefits,
I can tell you myself that it is not.

I feel like I have a bit of grounds to judge a site like this,
and I genuinely don't have anything critical to say about it.
SeatPlan is such a helpful tool - for every type of theatre-goer.

Find SeatPlan HERE
Create a profile, write a review, and start earning those points!

London: In Photos


Oh yes, of course we're ending this with pizza.

Fab Four Friday


Being (probably overly) intertwined in the coolest community in the world - The Beatles -
I made a friend who offered to give me a backstage peek at Let It Be Live, currently playing at the Garrick Theatre.

Theatre ... and The Beatles ...
As if I could ever be more in my element than this day.

We got to watch a bit of soundcheck from all over the theatre,
and I'm back to report that YES - the view from the box is actually as good as they say.


Making our way backstage, we saw sound guys doing sound things, recreated guitars
(mighty fine & almost exact, I will say!),
and the many many costumes that are used throughout the night.
And more guitars. A LOT of guitars.

And no - was not successful in taking one home with me.
There's always next time.

How many can you name?

We also got a glimpse from the stage,
where we could get a view of what the guys see every night.

I'll tell you - imagining a sold out house felt incredible in an empty theatre;
I can't begin to understand how thrilling it would be when it's actually real.

While I tried and tried,
ultimately I was shot down as a sub-drummer for the night.
It just seemed like SUCH a big deal that I've never really played before?
I didn't get it either.

'John' has got a mini set list underneath the piano to follow with,
along with a few starting words to a certain song to help him remember the lyric order.
Which I thank him for - because after seeing that, I'm never going to forget that order either.

It was very cool to see how the show looks from the other point of view.
And I'd never actually been on a West End stage before, so I was a bit giddy about that too.

And having the centerfold for this entire visit was The Beatles.
And there's nooooooooothing in the world I like more than some rousing good ol' Beatles things!

Let It Be Live runs at the Garrick until 5 September 2015 - see it while you can!
Performances run from Monday - Saturday 7:30PM with matinees Thursday & Saturday 3:00PM.
Get your tickets HERE.

Fab Four Friday


This will forever be one of my favorite Beatles tunes.
Just because it's great.
And sometimes you don't need a better reason than that.

We Can Work It Out has two distinct melodies in it - both way too catchy.
I remember the first time I really heard a lot of Beatles songs, and this is one of the most memorable.
On our first visit to the Cavern Club, we decided to catch the tribute band that plays on Saturday nights,
and this song specifically played, and I was - of course - jamming hard.

The next day we woke up in the hostel, I was talking to Heather about the songs I knew and liked.
And I specifically remember saying,
"There was this one that is really fast, then gets really slow, then it gets fast again... and that's the only way I can describe it.."
We spent about 20 minutes searching on her iTunes because it was right on the tip of her tongue.

Really slow .. then really fast .. then gets really slow .. then fast again ..
Um .. what?

She finally found it and absolutely knew it was the exact song I was talking about.
And I still tell her to this day I will never be more impressed by anything she does after finding that song
from that poor, poor description.


- The song was recorded in only two days, amounting to about 11 hours.

- The song was written about arguments with Paul's then girlfriend Jane Asher.
Who I love. And hope Paul is still regretting ruining the relationship.
Because, to put it simply - Jane. Is Perfect.

- It was released as a double a-side single with Day Tripper.
There were disputes about which song should be the a-side and which the b-side.
So instead of figuring out who gets their way,
they just went on and made them both a-sides - releasing the world's first double a-sided singles.
Because they are THE BEATLES. And they can do whatever the hell they want.

 I could watch the promo videos for this over and over.
How cute is Paul cracking up at John - they're having so much fun!

Happy Friday!