Halway Through - On Working Towards Something You Don't Know Will Work Out


December already?

I'm HALFWAY FINISHED with a Master's degree!
For how much of a school person I'm not, I should be proud enough to have gotten this far..

I've spent the last weekend wandering around London,
trying to make sense that I actually live here.
I was in Trafalgar Square yesterday texting Heather pictures with
"Just in case you forgot, we live here. Like I can look at this every day because we live here.
How cool is that?"

If you've read this blog before, you pretty much know the story.
Blah blah, study abroad, blah blah, life changed,
blah blah, work work work, blah blah moved back to London.

Moving back here though, I did it knowing that it was for and unforeseeable future.
And as much as I absolutely hate not knowing the outcome - with a passion.
A serious hate, I'll tell ya.
There is also something so thrilling about it too.
I'm making all of my dreams come true, but have no idea what's to come next.

Isn't that the beauty of it all though?
Four years ago, I didn't even know what London would mean to me,
Four years before that I didn't know how theatre would change me.
Who knows what the next four are going to show me...

I was actually asked this other week in an interview,
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
To which I gave the absolute worst answer for - 
not only was I completely taken back with the realization that I had NO idea where I would be in 5 years,
I then had to mumble up some type of an answer that would sound like I had a plan.
 Which I do - but the plan I had 5 years ago is no where near where I am now.

So I couldn't be anything but honest.
Never could I have predicted where I have been in these past years,
how do you expect me to know where I'll be in the next?

Life has taken so many twists and turns,
and I've learned more about myself and what I'm capable of - 
which is more than I could ever imagine.

So while I am completely and utterly terrified of the future,
I couldn't be more excited.
Because so far, life has been everything I've ever wanted.


Fab Four Friday


The boys are back in town.....

Just a fun little song that always gets me dancing.
Don't tell me you don't just love to shout the YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! during this.
And nope, it's not She Loves You, although the songs are similar...


- They wrote this song as a little play on words -
it won't be long til I belong to you.
Get it???? BE LONG til I BELONG?
Clever guys...

-  The song was recorded in only two sessions.
Ten takes of the song in the morning, and seven takes in the afternooon.
Ya think they might have been sick of the song after that day?

- If you listen, you can hear the awesome backing vocal/harmonies of Paul and George
during the middle 'Since you left me...' part.
They are singing the words that John is but in a slower length.
(I think..)
Whatever it is, it makes the song sound that much better.

I just love this video - they are the cutest!
But really - how happy does Ringo look boppin around on the drums?


but first, CHAMPAGNE


Sometimes I feel spoiled in London.
This is one of those times.

Last week, Heather and I joined our new favorite girls from PRandEverythingInbetween
for a Champagne Masterclass at Notes London.

This was pretty amazing because
1. I love my champagne
and 2. I don't know anything about champagne besides the fact I can drink it like water

We arrived a bit early and were able to check out the upstairs coffee/wine bar,
where we started off with a bottle of champagne for ourselves
as well as a few bites off the menu.

 The Masterclass takes place below the restaurant area, where they store all of their drinks.
And while I wanted to stash every delicious bottle along the wall in my purse,
LUCKILY, the first bottle of champgane didn't already go to my head
and I was able to maintain my composure and wait for the stuff we'd be served.


The Masterclass featured four of Devaux's Champagnes,
Devaux Grand Reserve NV
Devaux 'D De Devaux' Le Rose NV
Devaux 'D De Devaux' La Cuvee NV
Devaux 'D De Devaux' Vintage 2005
(All delicious and very reasonably priced I will add)

We learned how champagne is made, why it tastes the way it does, and the differences between good champagne and
... well okay, it's all good champagne.
We'll just say 'between good champagne and better champagne.'

 We had a glass of each champagne and I was completely surprised that I was able to taste some differences between them.
I know - not all champagne just tastes like champagne?? Who woulda thought?

Turns out, the longer a champagne is left to age, the less bubbles there are,
and with these you will get much more of a smoother, rich taste.
Which is why if you're opting for the cheapest bottle on the shelf this New Years Eve,
your bubbly will be extra bubbly.

All in all, it was another fantastic night filled with fantastic drinks.
And what's even better -
 Notes London holds these Masterclasses for FREE! Yep, you heard it right!
Keep up to date with their facebook page to find announcements on when the next events will be.



Assassins - Menier Chocolate Factory


Ever thought you could have something in common with an assassin?

This show has been getting buzz since it was announced months ago.
With it's star-studded cast of Broadway and West End vets, it was guaranteed to be a good one.
And let me tell you - IT IS.

Assassins is a musical that tells the story of nine folks who attempted (some succeeded) to take the lives of the Presidents of the United States.
It takes you past the guns and to the people - what they thought, what they felt;
their side to the story.

Narrated by the Balladeer and the Proprietor,
they play a sort of 'good angel,' and 'bad angel' throughout the show.
The Proprietor puts on a sickening of sorts carnival style game of the assassinations,
while the Balladeer sings their stories as he proclaims his disagreement with their reasoning for murder.

There are moments in this show, though.
Moments of sincere shock - where you almost feel for these characters;
understand them.

"You want what everybody wants. To be appreciated. To be valued.
To be in other people's thoughts.
For them to think of you and smile. "

To be able to create a show of the most horrifying of people,
and allow us to find a commonality with them to be able to sympathize is a tremendous thing.
Something I personally never thought was possible.
And that is one reason why it is such a wonderful show.


Performed inside the Menier Chocolate Factory, a space that seats only 180,
there is an incredible intimacy within the show.
You truly feel apart of the story - 
all the way through to the end, when those 'lucky' few get the chilling experience
of staring death in the face.

Aaron Tveit is an obvious standout in this show - taking a complete turnaround from the 'all-American charmer' we all know and love him as, he takes on the role of John Wilkes Booth exceptionally well,
executing the great angst, hate, and passion that's brewing inside him.

Catherine Tate is another stunner as Sara Jane Moore.
From her inability to handle a gun to not having a clue about what is going on in her life,
she brings a needed comedy to this eery production.

Simon Lipkin, however, is the one to watch.
He keeps the show moving while changing characters to an extreme degree.
From the haunting Proprietor, to a gentle President Ford,
even to an assassin's young child,
he is incredibly impressive to watch - and truly shows his abilities as an actor.


Overall, this was one of the best shows I have seen this year.
I will defintely be going back again ... and again.

I mean, the show doesn't officially open until tomorrow and I've already seen it twice.
Do I need to give you any more proof?

Assassins runs at the Menier Chocolate Factory until March 7.
Performances run Tuesday-Sunday 20:00, with matinee performances on Saturday & Sunday at 15:30.
The running time for this show is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes with no intermission.