A Masters Degree from the Expats Point of View


I was going to write this post up and explain the differences between the UK and US education system,
but Taylor has already done that,
and why would I try and outdo her incredibly awesome and detailed post?
Especially when I wouldn't be able to...

Let's just talk about how I chose my study path instead,
and hope that helps some of you..

You all know that I moved to London with the intentions of staying permanently,
and that is exactly what was in my mind while going into this grad school process.

I wanted to make sure I was getting a degree that was to benefit me for the long-term,
both career-wise but also securing a work visa.
Because ummmm, how do you expect me to move forward with a career if I CAN'T GET ONE??

My official masters title is MA Management.
I chose this degree from an expat point of view -
it's a very general course with a wide range of skills offered.
My classes involve Human Resources, Economics, Managing Operations, even Psychology.

By doing these, I'm able to gain a wide range and foundation of the skills necessary for different career paths.
I didn't want to go into something too specific, because my future here is still very open,
along with the fact that I am still young and learning what I like and don't like.
I don't want to rule any industry out because I simply don't know a lot about it.

So by having this degree, I'll be able to interview in many different industries,
and in the case that I do return to the USA,
(I need to make this quick, my anxiety is already rising thinking about this...)
I'll have a Masters Degree from an international university where I was able to gain a global business perspective, as well as learn how to work with different people from all walks of life.

All in all, this will benefit me wherever life takes me.
And let's just hope that it takes me exactly where I already am..

I'm being featured over at Route Bliss today!
Christina has asked me to participate in her Bliss Seekers series,
so you'll find me over there answering a few questions about all things travel.
Check it out HERE!

Sunday Lovin'


While it's been a lovely week, it's also been a busy week.
I was a little over my head thinking my time-management was under control..

Anyways - it's Sunday!
And today's Sunday will be a little different.
Rather than things I love, today's about the bloggers I love.

Just a quick list of great reads that I'll seriously judge you over 
if you haven't already heard of them...












Happy reading!

Why You Should Travel With Your Best Friend


I see so many posts:
"17 Reasons You Should Travel Alone"
"Why Going Solo Is The Way To Go"
"Traveling Alone Is What You Should Do"
"Blah Blah Blah Blah"

I mean, you can only write about the same topic in so many different ways and it still be inspiring...

I do completely agree with these posts - they are great.
You should travel alone - have the solo experience;
really learn about who you are.

But I'm not writing about that today.
While I'm all for that,
I'm even more for traveling with your friends.

You all know Heather.
Well, by now you should.
And if not, you should probably visit this page
that will - while it should be updated - give you the details.

Heather and I met as a random roommate assignment on our study abroad semester three years ago.
Everything I have experienced since then has been with her.
We've basically become a package deal. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

And all of the amazing,
and strange,
things that we've done have been together too.
It's been pretty great, if I say so myself.

Like that one time we slept on the street,

Or the time we actually decided to dress like Leprechauns in Ireland,

Or that other time we became backup dancers

And then the time after that when we became the actual singers...

What I'm saying is
you can go on your own and get a soul-searching experience.
But I've done my fair share of traveling,
and I've done it all with someone else.
But even so,
I've still found myself and who I am more than I ever believed I could,

It's a different type of friendship when you find yourself in these situations you've never been in before.
Having someone to deal with the issues and chaos doesn't take away how scary it is when you're running through an airport about to miss a flight, or on a train full of German men yelling at you.
But I know that I was glad to have someone there to calm me down when my anxiety was hitting the roof.

And having them to experience all of the amazing memories too is really something special.
No one understands what we've been through, and what we are currently going through.
But to have someone who DOES get it,
well, it's pretty great.

Sunday Lovin' : London in Photos


AKA "The Lazy Girl Post"

I've been out of town this weekend, soooo how about a photo haul of the last few weeks in London?
I think we all can love that.

Fab Four Friday


If you've ever underestimated my love for The Beatles,
this post may completely convince you. 

Yes, that's Paul (and grandfather).
And yes, that's us.
And I'm pretty proud of this comparison - except for the fact that I'm lacking the moustache...

Last week, our friend Jenna came to visit us in London.
And Jenna is a huge Beatles fan just like us - we actually met through our shared passion for them and their music.

We went all over London to different Beatles spots, just like the one above -
Marylebone Station.

This is the station where the first scenes of their film A Hard Days Night were filmed.
And you know if we're going to be in the exact location, we're bound to do some reenactments.

The above picture is in Marylebone Station, where Paul is disguising himself as all the fangirls chase John, George, and Ringo.

And below is the scene of the fangirls chasing John, George, and Ringo ....
which was filmed right outside the station on Boston Place.

It's one of the greatest scenes of the movie because George takes a completely unplanned tumble onto the sidewalk,
and Ringo goes down right on top of him.

John is just running and laughing, and the whole thing is just so adorable and hilarious.

Aaaaaaaaand you know we just had to reenact that too.

Here's the opening scene of the movie:

Replay if you must - I always have to.

And here's our 'opening scene'

I got a pretty nice bruise on my knee from this, but it was so worth it.
Possibly one of the most fun things I have done with my friends.

Yes, I know .... we're obsessed.

Happy Friday!