Beer Pong, Selfies, and Skewers - My Night at GEM Bar

Last month, we were invited by the lovely PR & Everything Inbetween to come and check out GEM Bar – a chic cocktail bar right in the heart of Soho.  With the location on point, we knew it would be a place we wanted to see.

Walking into GEM, the d├ęcor took me straight into the New York Subway – filled with colourful and eclectic graffiti art, there was an edgy vibe to the bar. And you can even add your own designs to the chalkboard walls along first floor – which, of course, we did.  Not to mention the beer pong table they have in the side room of the bar – we definitely partook a bit too much in that too. Hey – we’re American. It’s in our blood.

The downstairs bar is a bit more refined and classic. I use that with loose terms, though, as we found the world’s greatest selfie mirror near the cloakroom. You stand in front of the full-size mirror, and once the picture is taken, you can pick a frame, add your own drawings, and with the touch-screen inside the mirror, voila! Prints in seconds for a perfect momento of the night. We may have gone a bit overboard, and possibly took around 8 or so photos … but who’s counting?

The menu was filled with delicious cocktails and tasty treats, all that we were able to have a try of. My favourite drink of the night was most definitely the Bounty Hunter; an amazing chocolate & coconut cocktail with chocolate liquor Bacardi. Too good!

As a veggie, the starters menu was absolutely spot on as well.  We had a vegetarian sharing plate that included halloumi and roasted pepper skewers, sweet potato fries, and my personal favourite, cream cheese stuffed peppers – all which complemented the cocktails just right.

GEM Bar is perfect for a girls night out (didn’t you hear me? Selfie mirror and chocolate martinis!), or an evening out with the lads for some beer pong and food.
The cocktails and yummy sharing platters make it the perfect spot for some post-work fun as well!

Check out GEM Bar’s website for their cocktails & platters, and make sure you get in for a visit! Located right between Kingly and Regent Street in Soho, you’ve got no excuse not to pop in for a well-deserved drink (or three!)


Impossible Live at The Noel Coward Theatre

A break-dancing card shark, a blindfolded crossbow daredevil, and a SOMETHING walk into a theatre...

Could be a lame joke, or a true story. AKA - my night at Impossible on the West End.

Last week, Heather and I headed out into the world of magic at the Noel Coward Theatre. Packed in with all walks of life - children, seniors, tourists, and locals - we were ready (or hoping) to be amazed.

There were a few tricks that I had seen or learned before through growing up or common sense, but the best parts of the show came from mind reader Chris Cox and stuntman Jonathan Goodwin. And I'll mention Ben Hart because he managed to take someone out of the audience and move her from one side of the stage to the other, but I'm slightly bitter that I wasn't chosen for that trick... 

Chris Cox - an overly excited, goofy guy dressed in suspenders and a bow-tie, went through the audience at random, guessing names, thoughts, even down to what people had for lunch that day. Pulling up volunteers to choose outfits from behind a dressing curtain, he was spot on with just about everything. I'm STILL baffled by how he's able to do this!

The best way to explain Jonathan Goodwin probably comes straight from his bio -
'Jonathan has been hanged, buried alive, hung from helicopters, free solo’d skyscrapers, and performed a straitjacket escape from a burning rope hanging 300ft up in the air from the London Eye.'

Hm. Okay Jonathan. You do you.

We managed to see him do a few of these tricks - well, the audience did. I closed my eyes. It's a little much for me to watch someone shoot a crossbow at his wife blindfolded. But he did just that, and many more over-the-scale insane tasks.

The entire group was full of crowd-pleasers, and the show came full circle in the end by bringing up a young aspiring magician to help out with a trick. And we did leave the theatre in a full-on 15 minute 'How did they do that???' conversation, so I'd call the show a success.

Impossible runs at the Noel Coward Theatre until 27 August 2016. Show times are from Monday - Saturday 730PM, with 2PM matinees on Tuesday and Saturday. To get the best deals on tickets, visit to grab your seats now!

Caipirinhas, Batindas, and Brazilian Pimms. Night Sorted at CopaCabanaBeach

Imagine this - a beach chair right on the water, Brazilian Caipirinhas, and all the chicken and chips you can eat. And to top it off - doughballs with Nutella. Yes - NUTELLA.

Lucky for me - this was a reality.  Right along Southbank, Cabana has partnered up with the Southbank Centre to create CopaCabanaBeach, a summer pop up in celebration of the Rio Olympics.

Rachel (find her at Lunching Above Our Weight) and I hit up CopaCabanaBeach after work last week because - well, because rum. We walked up to a food truck with a bar linked to it, filled with beanbags and beach chairs to lounge under the summer sun (I use that loosely - remember, we ARE in London...).

A range of Brazilian cocktails with a side of sweet potato fries and malagueta chicken, which Rachel assured me was absolutely fantastic. Followed by their chocolate rain donuts and some champagne, the night could not have been better.

Mouth watering of too many rum cravings now? Worry not - this pop up will be on Southbank for the remainder of the summer. And not just that - Cabana has got locations all over London with even more goodies on their menu, so you can hit them up year-round. Rachel and I already have plans to grab a bite at their Covent Garden location this week.

Just. Too. Good.

Find more information about their locations & menu on their website, HERE!

Sunshine, Steel Drums, and So Much Rum

Its summertime in London and you know what that means!  Rain, rain, and more rain.

This cold, rainy summer weather has left me wanting to escape to a warmer, tropical location with fruity drinks and the sound of steel drums. Luckily, I had to go no further in  Central London!  Caity and I were lucky enough to be invited to a tropical  Jamaican getaway pop-up in the heart of Soho Square by Sugar Dumplin' Rum Shack. As we walked in sound of steel drums and happy chatter filled the air. We were greeted by a tropical bar with more drink choices than we could choose from. They had a Jamaican Mojito with Golden Rum Appleton Signature, a Bahama Mama which has spiced rum, bananas and tropical fruit juice and so many more. We both decided on a Rum Runner which consisted of dark rum and banana and blackberry liquor. Delish!

As we passed the steel drums to the back we could smell the delicious Jamaican BBQ that was being prepared outside. Our options available were some of the best pick from their menu. The Jerk Chicken was covered in Jerk Sauce and topped sliced chilli and spring onions. For the veggies out there, Sugar Dumplin has a delicious Butternut Squash & Chickpea Creole. This had roasted butternut, chickpeas, spinach and coconut in a creole style tomato sauce. Their third dish was Escovitch Fish which consisted of a lightly friend red snapper served with an Escovitch Sause. All dishes were served with Rice ‘N’ Peas and had the option to be topped with some delicious slaw and sweet and spicy sauce. After licking my plate I decided that BBQ Jamaican food was now at the top of my favourite food list.

Surgar Dumplin currently have locations in Glasgow and Camberley and looking to expand into London Territory. Our escape into Sugar Dumplin Rum Shack was a tropical destination in the heart of a cold bustling London and it was jusdt what we needed. If you have the opportunity to visit one of their locations around the UK I highly recommend it, you wont be disappoint. Watch out for a London based Sugar Dumplin near you!

So -- What Happened?

 A study abroad semester in 2012 is what put me in full force to make a life for myself in London. A year and a half after that, we spent a month in the city working to speak to everyone we could that would give us a chance at a job to bring us back to the city. A year after that, we bought a one-way ticket and a spot at Westminster University, as confident as I could be that it would somehow work out.

The last time I wrote in here - I was finishing up a Master's Degree, well into an internship I was hoping would take me somewhere, and still in that anxious uncertainty of wondering where I would be in 4 months time.

So - what happened? 

It was a few jobs through, a few more internships after that, one hell of a final paper, and a rejection or two from the UK government, but to be able to say this makes me prouder than anything I've ever done in my life.


Two crazy Americans with even crazier dreams, moved across the world together to accomplish something that not many folks can pull off. And not even one of us managed it - but we both did.

I've been with my company since July, and got my work visa in January. We're in a new flat in Fulham. We started a music events company and have put on some pretty wild gigs. I work 5 days a week and complain about how busy the tube is at rush hour. I grab a few pints at the local bars around for post-work happy hour. We spend weekends at the parks, or wandering around a market. Life is so normal - and I couldn't be happier.

I've always said I felt like I belonged here. But now, it's a reality. London is my home.

Damn that sounds good to say.
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