**EDIT: There's been an update to where life is - which is still in London, but a bit more permanently now. Keeping the bio below for old time's sake now, but read on to for a bit more of a current 'about me' HERE**

Well hello!
I'm Caity.
A 26 year old American girl
who is currently trying to make a life across the pond in London.

I began blogging back in 2011 when I was in university and about to
set out on a study abroad semester, taking myself out of America for the first time,
and across the world to London.
For Five months, I lived in a flat with a few other girls
right in the heart of the city, where I was able to get a taste of how the royals live.
Meaning - we were neighbors to the Houses of Parliament,
and Westminster Abbey became my daily alarm clock.
Don't worry - I've prepared myself to never live like that again.
I was paired to live with a girl
who not only became one of my best friends,
but also shared the love for the UK that overcame me.
Enter: Heather
My old London roommate, turned new London roommate.
You'll be hearing about her a lot on here,
as we have made the move back to the city together,
and are pretty much a package deal now.
Heather and I clicked entirely too quickly when we met, but for all good reason.
We became a little Euro-skipping duo in those months abroad.
We drank a little, we danced a lot,
and we always managed to have a great time wherever we ended up in the world.
Coming out of this amazing experience,
we both knew that the UK was where we belonged.
And for the next few years,
we began the difficult journey in finding a way to get back,
where we wouldn't have to go through the heartbreaking experience
of leaving again.
It seems as though we had been through Plans A-Z and back again,
but over two years later and the work had paid off.
This past August we made the one-way flight to London.
I'll be the first to tell you,
it's not what I thought it would be,
but at the same time - it's still everything I've ever wanted,
and I've never been prouder or more accomplished for listening to my heart and finding my way back to where I felt at home,
no matter how impossible it may have seemed at times.

I originally used this in the past
to ramble on about everything I did studying abroad and preparing to move.
I didn't realize how much would happen since then
that I felt was worth writing down.
But I love this little keepsake of memories,
and I plan to continue for as long as I have stories to tell. 


  1. Loving your blog! I’m currently in England now, loving it so much that I too want to come back. What sort of visa did you get?? I’ve got a lot of planning to do! :-)

    1. Thank you so much!! I’ll be getting a Tier 4 Student Visa – I’ll be applying for it in the next month so I’ll be sure to make a post about that experience too! Are you studying abroad there now? That’s exactly how I fell in love too! The UK became home to me in those five months, it’s a crazy thing, but it changed my life!

    2. I actually just graduated from Florida Atlantic University in December so I came here to visit some family for a month and I’ve now been here 3! I cant bring myself to come home but I’ll be running out of money soon and my visitors Visa is only for 6 months. This was supposed to be a little time away from home and now it feels like home! xx- Ashley

    3. No way FAU? I’m living in Jupiter right now before I leave!
      I love when trips turn into something so much more than you thought, and I’m glad you ended up staying as long as you could! What are your plans when you come back? I went through all the thoughts and things between when I left London in 2012 to now about what my future would be, if I’d ever get back to London, etc etc, so anything you need I’m happy to help with!

    4. are you heading back to school? from what I read I had thought you were going there too work, It seems so difficult to get a visa just to come back and work, unless I’m looking at the wrong stuff! Thats so crazy I live in Wellington about 45 mins away from Jupiter, do you know a lot of people in Florida? If not we should meet up one day, there are so many cool places in PGA dont know if youve gone out around there or not but it’s worth checking out. Good luck with everything : )

    5. I’ll be going to get my Masters, so I’ll be on a student visa for the year-long program. I’m using that time to work on connections/work placements/etc. eventually leading up to a job post-grad to keep me around. So it’s a pretty big risk, but I’m confident in myself! I was just in London in October (I have a few previous posts from my time there!) – I spent the two months before I left emailing hundreds of companies and set up about 6 or so interviews because my initial plan was to try and just get a job that would bring me over, but as you said, it’s TOUGH. I left in October with a junior position offered, but there are a lot of requirements with the work permit and it eventually fell through. So that brought me to plan C (or D or X or Z), which is to head back for a degree. I feel like I’ve done the research and had the experience and know what I want, so I’m fully ready to bust my ass this year and see what I can do!

      And I know Wellington! I’ve done some exploring but I still don’t think I know all that there is to South FL. I don’t know anyyyyone here, so I would love to make a new friend, especially one that shares the same London love that I do!

    6. Agreed! I’m finding it every difficult to find a way back to England without it being for school so I might end up doing the same and going for my masters. I will be back in florida in a few weeks and totally think we should meet up, then hopefully one day we’ll meet again in London! Find me on Facebook if you want that way we can chat when I’m back! Hope your enjoying the beautiful weather, it’s been nonstop rain here :)

    7. I had all of those same feelings when I was getting ready to leave after my study abroad – AND again in October! It’s the worst :( I’m actually writing up a post about all the preparations I did for the job hunt I went on in October – it’ll be up later this week if you are thinking about trying that route too! But a student visa is absolutely the easiest way. I know people who have gotten jobs and the visa, but I’m also living proof that it doesn’t always work out that easily for everyone.

      And I would love to meet up when you get back! I’ll find you on FB! It’s been sunny and great here, but even so, I am always missing those London clouds!

  2. Love your blog and your story Caity! Awesome that you’re heading back to London!

    1. Thank you! Also love your blog, Ireland is one of my favorite places too!

  3. …Congrats on making the big move–it’s my DREAM to go back to London and live there for. at least, 1 or 2 years in my young life…Until then, I’ll just make do with Spain (not really complaining)!!…

    I look forward to more of your musings, :-)!!…

    1. Thank you! Just checked out your blog – I haven’t been over to visit Spain yet, so I’ll be living vicariously through you and your pictures! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

    2. …COME TO SPAIN–we have TAPAS, :-)!!!!…

  4. Hi there, I’m a fellow American currently living in London. I came here in 2007, for what I thought would only be a year, but ended up coming back in 2009 and have just recently gained permanent residency (and married a Brit boy along the way!). Welcome back! :)

    1. Thanks! Just checked out your blog, and I love it – I can already tell I’ll be using it for tons of help!

      Also noticed you’ve recently wed – the pictures are gorgeous! Congrats!

  5. Hey Caity!

    Just been reading through your blog and I find it so relatable! I'm actually going to grad school in London this fall too and will soon be tackling visa applications..ugh/yay!

    1. Hi! I'm actually working on a post regarding visa applications, so keep an eye out! I just finished the process (thank god) and am in the waiting period.
      Where are you studying?!
      And thanks for checking me out!!

  6. Getting a Visa to England isn't an easy process, so congratulations on getting one! I am super excited for you! I look forward to following you on your adventures!

    1. Thank you, Tammy! It is such a difficult road, but I'm over the moon about everything that's about to happen.

      Thanks for following :D

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog. I lived in the States for a year so it's funny to read the story the other way around :)

    1. Isn't it hilarious to read about the things so simple in your life being such a difference to someone else? I'd be interested to hear about your experiences in the states! Thanks for checking my page out :D!

  8. just stumbled across your blog (i can't even remember how) but am SO glad i did! i love how real you are when you write and am obsessed with the idea of moving abroad, especially to london! i studied abroad in college as well, but did a europe tour in 6 weeks: we started in austria, were there for a couple weeks, then traveled for about a week (through germany, the netherlands, france, and belgium) and ended in london for two weeks. i loved it so much and want to go back! i would love any resources you have for finding jobs?

    thanks! looking forward to keeping up with your adventures!

    rising #GIRLBOSS

    1. Thank you thank you! I love great feedback :D especially about my 'realness' - I try to be myself and say what I think, so it's really nice to hear people appreciating it!
      AH 6 weeks! We did a mini 3-week adventure and while exhausting, it was amazing! Austria is possibly the top place I want to visit - it looks absolutely STUNNING! But that entire trip sounds amazing! I definitely understand your urges to move abroad - I mean obviously, look where I am now! You should definitely go for it. It's a lot of work, but making your dreams come true is a feeling I can't even explain. I wrote up a post about an international job hunt that you can find it you look back in my archives (link here though!: http://wheretheheartblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/advice-for-international-job-hunt.html). And then after that I've got a few posts on cheap flights, flat hunting, once you get out of America dealing with bank accounts and phones etc. Check it out and let me know what you think - and if you have any other questions I can help with just shoot me an email at CaitlinOSha@gmail.com !

  9. I just found your blog and am inspired by your adventures! I am a gap year student and adventurer in training from the US currently trying to get to university un the UK. Reading about an American who has successfully jumped across the pond is incredibly encouraging. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    1. Thank you for reading! Love meeting others looking for adventures around the world - especially the UK!

  10. I just stumbled on your blog and I am so excited to follow along! I also studied in London and love love love the city! (and traveling in general!)- Kate

    1. Thanks Kate! Isn't London the greatest?
      Glad to have you along for the ride :D


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