My Favorite Memories: Don't Hit On A Girl If You Don't Understand Her

I'm thinking that the hilarity of the list of stories 
that was featured on Marielle's blog the other day
is what made this recently pop into my head.

I'm pretty upset I didn't remember it for that post,
though I'm not sure it would surpass the one I did include about dodgy dudes and police officers..

while Heather and I were on our mini backpack excursion through Europe,
we spent a couple days in Interlaken, Switzerland.
The hostel we stayed in had an underground bar,
which happened to be really the only thing that was open at night in the small town.

The last night we were there, we made our way down to check out the place.
A tiny, but typical hostel bar, full of different groups of foreigners.
We got some drinks and took a seat at a table by ourselves,
but it wasn't too long before three guys who had been at the bar approached us.

They were three French guys
who spoke some English
... and by some English,
I meant they knew how to say "um," "no," and "what??"

One of the guys knew a little bit more, and was able to translate as best he could,
which wasn't very well.
But he disappeared once he realized
his friends had each grabbed one of us to talk to.

They sat with us for a few minutes.
Heather talked to one guy, and I was in conversation with another.

I use the word 'conversation' incredibly loosely,
as our conversations really went as followed:

Me: "Where are you from"
Him: "Where... em.. ???"
Me: "You have no idea what I'm saying do you..."
Him: *blank look of confusion*
Him: "You .. uh ... no ... um... " *waving his arms around trying to speak in sign*
Me: "well then..."

We didn't get much farther than that.

I did notice out of the corner of my eye though,
while Heather was focused on talking to the other guy,
the one I was speaking with gave his friend a look/nod,
as is the universal guy code for "dude we're totally going to nail these chicks!"

Which really just made me laugh.

It wasn't too long after that until Heather and I made our getaway
and mingled around to some other folks.

Later on in the night though, the guys showed up again and came straight over to us.
Attempt number 2 I guess..

The friend who spoke the most English leaned in to us
and explained that
"they had lost the key to their hotel room,
and they were going to have to stay in ours."

Um, what?

Heather and I gave a stare
as blank as the one I received trying to talk to the guy.

There wasn't even a need to use the excuse of a boyfriend.
We couldn't help but laugh with each other, followed with a
"Uhh ... no .. you're not staying in our room."

We floated around the bar a bit,
until we found a clean getaway
to get back to our room without being followed.

Let me break it down for you.
Three FOREIGN dudes,
can not understand a single word that comes out of our mouth
yet still think that they can 'read' signals we were (not) sending out,
that give them the impression that we were down to hook up?
And then their big plan for success,
is actually to say that they lost there key
and oh man, there's NO WAY we can get back into our room,
so we need to sleep with you.

How mind-boggling is it that this seriously happened?
How hilarious is it that it was an ACTUAL attempt to hit on a couple of girls?
And how easy was it to shut them down?

Too easy my friends,
way. too. easy.


  1. Haha - yeah, total fail for them! Communication IS key! <3

    1. You can't get very far with anything if you don't know what they're saying!

  2. Hahaha thus cracked me up, reminded me of my similar encounter. They do love sign language when English is too hard lol

    1. I find myself doing the typical arm sign language moves too when I'm trying to translate to someone who doesn't understand me! So funny!

  3. Oh the beauty of traveling! hahaha.

    1. So many funny memories! I still love the experiences - even if they are a little weird!

  4. This is hilarious... And reminds me of Taken in the scariest way.

    1. I've actually got another story from Paris that would remind you of Taken even more - but I won't go there for anyone's sake. Luckily we were never put in serious danger throughout our entire time abroad! I did watch Taken, AND the Amanda Knox Lifetime Movie literally weeks before I left for Europe though - not smart!

  5. Haha! That's hilarious! I bet they thought their lost key story was so clever

    1. They had to of! They talked it up like it was perfectly legit!

  6. haha Ohh guys... side note: I'm loving your new design!

    1. The perfect way to describe them: ohhh guys.

      And thank you!

  7. Crazy! I second what Lara said!

    1. If we weren't in a public area, it would have felt much scarier - but for the setting we were in, it was just absolutely hilarious!

  8. haha wow! I wonder if that horrible 'pick up' has worked for them before!

    1. I hope not! If it did, I'd like to meet the girls it worked on and see what's wrong with them!

  9. ...Wow--can you say "CREEPERS"???...

  10. Eww, that's the worst! I mean, it's bad enough when they understand, but that absolutely sucks!

    1. They were so weird. I wouldn't even use that they were foreign as an excuse - it was just SO weird!

  11. Hahaha. Hilarious! What a funny memory and story.

  12. Hilarious! I love these kind of cultural blunders. :) x

    1. I really do too - makes for some awkward times, but remembering them is just great!

  13. LOL this will probably not be the last story you will have involving dudes and language barriers!

    1. Ohhh definitely not! I've become so much less creeped out and much more entertained by it all!


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