Still Me, Just a Different ... Everything

It's almost been three years with Adventures Abroad.
Three completely life changing years.
And to commemorate that,
I've decided to let her go and make a completely new blog.

I've been wanting to move from Wordpress to Blogger for a little while now,
and it finally felt like the right time to just go on and do it.
Andy with the help and advice of a few blog savvier friends,
I finally made the change.

And I don't mean just dip my toes in with a host change.
I wanted the whole sha-bang.
Host site, name, page layout,
you name it, I changed it.

So without further adieu,

Welcome to Where The Heart Is!
(on Blogger)
Previously known as Adventures Abroad.
(on Wordpress)
It's still me - I'm still adventuring abroad,
and will still be posting about preparations and getting to my life in the UK,
I'm just doing it now with a cuter theme.

In order to make this change, I definitely had a lot of help from some pretty great girls:

Marielle, who's slowly becoming my blogging guru, from This Flooded Sky
Kiersten from She Is Fierce
Lauren from Pink on the Cheek
Helene from Helene In Between
Beverley at Halfway to Fearless
and Ashley, for the badass theme and figuring out that dreaded post transfer for me, at DinosaurStew

I wouldn't have gone to these ladies if they didn't already have a bunch of amazing blogs,
so make sure to check them out!

This is it!
We're here now.
I'm still all over social media like I was on Adventures Abroad,
so you can still find me on Instagram, Twitter,
and my blog's Facebook.

But who knows.
I'm so inconsistent,
I'll probably change all those too.


Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful new page! You're so brave to have made the change! I thought about it a few weeks ago and got so freaked out when I saw I would lose all my comments, all my followers, etc.

    1. Thank you! It was a ton of work, but I'm SO happy that I did it! I had to manually enter some things which was very tedious, but worth it to make sure they weren't lost.

  2. I think it looks fabulous!! Congrats darling :) Just make sure you turn off comment captcha! :

    1. Done! I didn't even know it was on there - how annoying!

      As if I hadn't said it many times to you before, THANK YOU!

  3. YAY for changes! Looking forward to following your new space! A little different because I never hear of anyone switching to Blogger from WP lol!

    1. Thank ya!

      Heheh, I did have quite a few people question my decision. But I was on which was so limiting! I did some research with just moving to rather than blogger, but at this time for me, blogger just felt like the right way to go!

  4. Your blog looks fantastic! So clean, crisp and easy to navigate! <3

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear it looks cleaned up - I was looking for something a bit more organized!

  5. Blog looks great can't wait to see what comes with the new name x

  6. Yay, how exciting! Btw, just followed on Bloglovin :)

  7. I'm like you, I'm always changing my blog names!


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